Long Toes

By admin | March 2, 2013

Long toes are typically the problem for taller persons. It just goes with the height. While taller people have long toes, shorter people tend to have smaller ones. Others felt that long toes are such an embarrassment because it can draw attention and it can make you feel awkward. Apparently, there is really nothing much you can do with those long toes so it’s either you will love them and learn to live with them or spend your entire life looking at those toes and wish for them to get shorter. Believe it or not, our toes play an important role in our balance and they are partly responsible for making us walk and run straight. So the next time you look at those long toes again, think of how important its role is before hating and almost wishing they were not there. longtoes

There are some people who are so concerned about the size and of their toes that they would get them shortened by a cosmetic surgeon. While others do this for the purpose of being “physically attractive”, there are some that require the same procedure because their toes make walking painful. They say that long toe is a feature in which a person’s toes are larger than usual for the average normal person in his group. Having very long toes can be due to hereditary and genetic causes. Certain conditions would manifest marfanism but in the majority, it is generally normal to have long toes.

Having long toes is generally normal but having excessively long toes, second toe in particular this may cause contraction or may cause the toe to “buckle”. There is no practical and permanent method of conservatively fixing the issue but when you had to, surgically shortening and straightening the toe can become an option. The procedure will result in those that appropriate in length, straight and functional. The surgeon must carefully evaluate your toe length pattern to ensure that despite having the surgery, your toes will still look normal, natural. It is also important to maintain toe flexibility particularly for those women who still wants to wear high-heeled shoes.

The procedure might be risky so before jumping into the decision of doing it, you need to consider every possibility that will happen once the process did not become successful. A useful tip as always is to be contented with what you have. Learn to love your feet and those large toes and if they are not preventing you from doing the things you love to do, there is no reason why you should want to change them. There are also ways to make your toes appear smaller like wearing sandals in particular shapes and applying nail polish in a particular color. This approach is safer and would not cost you as much as it would normally take when you do the surgery. Sometimes, it’s all a state of mind. When you look at your toes and you are not seeing them perfect for you, just say they still look pretty no matter what. People don’t really pay much attention on someone else’s feet anyway.

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Making the Long Toes Short

By admin | March 2, 2013

There are some people who are simply not contented with the way their parts of the body are structured, their toes in particular. Most of the complaints that they have long toes usually came from women. There is really no problem whether you have long or short toes. Medically, there is nothing wrong with you and there is really nothing to worry if you see that your toes are larger. There are options for those who want to get rid of their large toes but this is not really recommended unless the toe is making things difficult for you like walking or running. Surgical procedure is involved which includes cutting a portion of your toe and bringing the part back together. It may involve some risks and it is important that this will be performed by licensed surgeons only. Your toes play an important role in maintaining your balance. This makes you walk and run with ease so any changes that are done incorrectly may cause permanent and unwanted result.

The most critical part of the surgery is the part when the doctor needs to determine the appropriate amount and location of the bone that needs to be shortened. This has to be done perfectly because even a few millimeters of shortening can make a significant visual difference. Depending on the amount of bone that will be removed, a portion of the skin will be required to be removed or remodeled as well to match the changes. Upon the completion of the internal shortening procedure, plastic sutured skin closure will be performed and the new toe length and alignment is immediately checked or evaluated.beautiful_long_toes

The surgery can be done in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia. You can walk after the surgery although it is not advisable unless the suture is healed completely. But if you decide to walk you can do so with full weight but you have to wear a special surgical shoe. Swelling is expected but it will decrease over time and for best results, apply some ice packs. Pain is less likely to happen but when it does, pain killers will work but usually not required. There are no serious complications recorded so far from making the process but to make sure that nothing will happen beyond your control, choose the right doctor and do the necessary research on the success rate the process.

There is really no need for surgery for having long toes. Doctors are not recommending it and there is nothing to gain from it aside from looking physically attractive. Keep in mind that no one would really spend much time looking at them except for you. Nothing can make you inferior except yourself and if toes are your only problem, you are not really having one. Make the most of your life and make the most out of what you have. So enough of long toes and do not spend so much time worrying too much on something that is not worth your worries and time in the first place.

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Long Toes

By admin | January 25, 2012

Gorgeous Long Toes


If you are a proud owner of gorgeous long toes, you are in for a big surprise. Popular opinion around the world has shown that long toes are a desirable part in women and most men like women with long toes. In order to understand this inclination of men towards long toes, you need to know how long toes make their presence felt. In simple words, long toes are easily noticeable in the feet and tend to look out of place on some women. Read the rest of this entry »

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By admin | January 25, 2012

What is Meant by Toewigglers?


In order to understand ‘what is meant by toewigglers’, you need to take a look at women with long toes. One definition of toewigglers is given to hot women with long toes that are the object of fantasy of men. Recent studies have shown that men crave for women with long toes, and use an urban term called ‘toewigglers’ for them. Essentially, toewigglers engage in decorating their long toes and participate in feet worshipping rituals by members of the opposite gender. Read the rest of this entry »

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Long Toe Nails

By admin | January 24, 2012

Caring for Long Toe Nails


Caring for long toe nails is a big task and most women with long toenails know about this. Long toenails are difficult to get as they require a lot of care and preventing from accidental chipping off and breakage. In order to care for long toenails, you would have to make sure that you keep the area clean and free from infections. Read the rest of this entry »

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Girl’s Feet

By admin | January 24, 2012

Beautiful Girl’s Feet


The beautiful girl’s feet are the object of fantasy for men, especially the well tended long toes and toenails. While long toes might not look sexy on all women, some girls can pull off the long toes pretty well. In case you have long toes and have always felt uneasy when wearing revealing footwear, you need to take a look at the following steps that can make girl’s feet look gorgeous. Read the rest of this entry »

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